Build, Use, Review

Formunculous is a Django based application for creating and managing Web based forms. It is extremely helpful in allowing you to easily create, edit and review incoming user data. It can really fill the missing holes in a Django based CMS/Website.

This site will provide demos and screenshots to help you decide if it is the right tool for you, documentation to get you up and running, and support for when or if you get stuck.

This is one of most useful Web applications I have used and written, and I can't wait to share this project with you. If you are interested in helping or donating to the project, feel free to help out in the community forums, or send a donation our way via SourceForge.


Move to Github and Revival

Formunculous has moved code development to github and is back from a development lull.

Django 1.3 and Other Things

This is just a quick note to say that Formunculous is compatible with Django 1.3 as far as I know, but that isn't to say it will be compatible out of the box with future point releases.

Formunculous 2.2.5 Available

I managed to get the backwards incompatible changes introduced in Django 1.2.5 resolved in Formunculous, and 2.2.5 is now available

Read on for the release notes.

Django 1.2.5 Incompatible

Django just released a security update yesterday to their 1.2 line of the framework (Release Notes) that breaks compatibility with the AJAX portions of Formunculous. I hope to get patches and a compatible release out in the next week, but for now if you apply the Django update many features will fail to operate correctly if the CSRF middleware is enabled on 1.2 sites.



Watch how quick and easy it is to build, use, and review a simple contact form and survey.


A more in depth look at the form building process. Showing the more advanced features of Formunculous. Subforms, dropdowns, customized html and styles, and more.


See how the built forms will work for different users. Form history, authenticated forms, and more.


See how simple and powerful the built-in form review system can be, by looking at workflow options, gettings statistics, and exporting form data.


Formunculous 2.2.0

The current version of this amazing form management system

Previous Versions

All of our previous releases for any of your nefarious needs.